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Ainslie Morris

Growing up Ainslie has been involved in a variety of sports, her favourites being rowing, soccer & basketball.

Through this Ainslie has been driven to help others through her passion for the body, She likes to treat and prevent sporting injuries, chronic pain & posture related pain.

In her spare time Ainslie likes to have breakfast at all the newest cafes, go for hikes along the coast or up the mountains and thinks herself as an amateur photographer.

Ainslie looks forward to meeting you all.


To Book an appointment with Ainslie please call 03 9088 0793

Dr Shaun Richardson

Shaun is an easy-going osteopath, who loves to help people move well, and feel good. He enjoys helping his patients to go about their lives without being hindered by pain, or stiffness. 

Dr Claire Richardson

Claire is an experienced osteopath who enjoys assisting patients from a wide variety of backgrounds. Claire's clinical interest lies in the treatment and prevention of persistent pain.