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Dr Shaun Richardson


Shaun is an easy-going osteopath, who loves to help people move well, and feel good. He enjoys helping his patients to go about their lives without being hindered by pain, or stiffness.

He aims to provide relief from acute and chronic pain through manual therapy, and teaching people how to move, and exercise safely and effectively. He enjoys empowering people to take control of their own health, without lecturing! Shaun stays up to date with the best evidence-informed practice methods, and only uses treatment approaches that work.

Shaun has undertaken further study in Dry Needling (Advanced), Functional Movement, Strength Training for Rehabilitation, Motor Control and Stability for Rehab, Safe Kettlebell Lifting, & Pain Education.

When not at work, Shaun plays basketball, and enjoys camping with Claire and his mates in his ancient four wheel drive.

Click here to book an appointment with Dr Shaun Richardson (Osteopath) or please call 03 9088 0793

Dr Claire Richardson

Claire is an experienced osteopath who enjoys assisting patients from a wide variety of backgrounds. Claire's clinical interest lies in the treatment and prevention of persistent pain.

Ainslie Morris

Ainslie is interested in helping all different type of people get back to moving pain free and living their best life. She aims to develop a plan with her clients to get them to reach their goals through education, exercising and empowering people to take control of their condition. She likes to use all different type of techniques , including soft tissue, articulation and manipulation or more gentle types of treatments depending on the patients needs.